A Cowardly Church!

Published from a comment.

No one would believe it! This truth is stranger than fiction. A terrible thing was committed by Greg (the pastor), Baptist Union and the church leadership but the congregational members who are meant to be friends of the victim and his family do not even care. Not a tear has been shed, no sleep lost, and no effort made to undo the damage! The attitude is, “it’s no skin off my nose.”

A good and God-fearing family was humiliated and chased out of the church – and all that for calling Greg out for the hypocrite and liar that he is. This family has made generous financial contributions for many years, and they have given hundreds of hours of service to the Moonee Ponds Baptist Church. They have been actively involved in the church for over 25 years. They got married, dedicated their children and raised them in this church. They have helped every time they were called on. But when they raised legitimate concerns about the pastor’s behaviour through the proper channels, the pastor and the leadership with Baptist Union’s help found a humiliating way to get rid of them – instead of addressing the Pastor’s abusive behaviour.

If you are a congregational member of Moonee Ponds Baptist Church, here’s a question for you. Can a person watch injustice take place, can do something about it, does nothing but still consider himself or herself a Christians? A Christian is not defined just by his or her claim of being a Christian; it’s proven by what the Christian does! That’s what the verse means, Matthew 7:16 “you shall know them by their fruits.”

What Greg and the leadership did was a shameful thing. It’s clear that the church leaders are sold out to Greg’s liberal agenda, and their callous attitude will ultimately kill the church. It’s then possible that BUV will then swoop in and sell the church to maintain their extravagant lifestyles.

Imagine a pastor who shows porn in the church, intimidates members, preaches things that are blatantly contradictory to what the Bible teaches and lies and manipulates the church – but gets off scot free. Imagine you summoned up the courage to confront this false teacher and informed the leadership, but instead of addressing it, they turn it around and make it as though the problem was you! What if this ‘twisting of the situation’ happened to your son, or your daughter, or your husband or YOU? Would you still keep quiet?
How would you feel if no-one stood up for you? Imagine the pastor verbally abuses you, then spin the story and gets the church to vote you out – imagine if the church’s sold out leadership knew about all the numerous complaints against Greg but did nothing about it.

This pastor who won’t lift a finger to do anything aside from preaching garbage on Sundays even though he takes home excessive amounts of money. This pastor who abuses his power and controls everything to the minutest detail. Since this pastor took over the church, the church has become spiritually anaemic, and it will soon become spiritually dead, by doing nothing about it, you allowed it to happen!
When we do nothing about injustice, we enable injustice and in doing that we take part in the injustice – which is a sin.
Imagine your whole life you thought you were a Christian, and you die, and on judgement day God says to you “I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoer(s)!”- Matthew 7:23.

Will God welcome you, when you knowingly took part in evil? God will never welcome you! Because God is not blind, He is not deaf, He is not evil, but He is Just!
Are you too afraid to confront Greg? The Bible says “the coward will not inherit the kingdom of God – Revelation 21:8”
Every coward has an excuse, what’s yours?

A family was humiliated for having done nothing wrong and they are hurting. As Christians, we should do something.

So when you know the good things you should do and don’t do them, you sin! James 4:17.


14 thoughts on “A Cowardly Church!

  1. Your article has ruffled some feathers. Overheard a church elder talking about the blog in the café. She said, you are a coward and the blog is an attack on Greg.

    • Hi M,
      Isn’t that odd? If anyone complains about Greg to the leaders, then they are removed from the church, and if anyone anonymously exposes Greg, then they are cowards. Is there a scenario where Greg gets corrected for the hurt he’s caused? Evidently, Greg has the support of some of the older women in the church, and that’s why he’s doing whatever he wants. But just because some ‘weak-willed women support him’, it does not make him right! On a different note, here’s a comment I heard from one of Greg’s previous church member, “don’t ever go to Greg for marriage counselling because he’ll turn the couple against each other.”

  2. If BUV is involved, there’s no chance they’ll let one of their own down, and that may explain why your pastor is so bold. BUV is run by ex-pastors. They will always support the pastors and cover the pastor’s mistakes. An individual is not equipped to take on an organisation that has deep pockets, and the experience of handling dissenters and disseminating false information to the church. I suggest your only hope is to submit a petition and get BUV and the alleged bullying pastor investigated. This will potentially uncover other issues that BUV and the church leaders may be hiding. The other option is to go to the media and make an evening story out of this pastor who chases away anyone who reveals him for being a bully. I understand this will bring the name of your church down, but be assured that people and organisations who benefit financially from churches tend to be Pharisee-like and you’ll be doing the church a favour by liberating them from the clutches of these ungodly people. If you want to discuss further, get in touch with me on…

    • Richard: True born again should not go to the world to resolve their issues! The problem started way back when a member asked a senior pastor to address an issue with freemasons in the church and the sin of being in a organisation such as masonry to which the pastor did nothing. So with the church being spiritually dead and no action was taken this member left and since 1980 till now we have seen discernment go down and social club mentality go up to a point now that the church will hire the hall out to almost anybody. Christian culture is under attack by radical Islam, liberals who support the homosexaul community and we are so brainwashed into being politically correct that we don’t fight back because fighting is so much more challenging than surrender. so this would be a reward for future generations. Standing up for liberty sometimes means confronting evil. If we are not willing to pay the price fighting and stand up to false teaching, then we will pay the much more difficult price of surrender.
      True Christians don’t go around trying to find a medium ground between ourselves and the seventh day adventists, Catholic Church, the mormons, the Jehovah’s witnesses, Freemasons, and the Muslim religion. We simply expose them as impostors and ANTICHRIST.
      Matthew 7:13-14 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:
      14: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.
      Romans 11:8
      (According as it is written,God hath given them the spirit of slumber, eyes that they should not see, and ears that they should not hear;) unto this day.
      THRUTH: When a person (saved or lost), refuses truth, mocks God, or just becomes religious, which differs from real worship, God will allow a spirit of slumber to overtake their life.
      Truth becomes the sacrifice:
      1. When absolutism is out, and relativism is in;
      2. When obedience is out, and pragmatism is in;
      3. When teaching is out, and dialogue is in;
      4. When thus saith the Lord is out, and consensus of opinion is in;
      5. When using Scripture to judge right and wrong is out, and unity with tolerance at all costs is in.
      6. When the narrow way is out, and the broad way is in.

      While Christians have slumbered, the NEW WAY of thinking and acting has been built up underneath the old, leaving the old to crumble virtually without notice.
      Now if you’ve lost the fire to be a witness for God, a light to the lost, and love for holiness, you might posses a spirit of SLUMBER.

  3. So many anonymous comments! Is this church really that bad?
    Just seems hard to believe a pastor, born again , would play pornography at church , bully , msnipulate and lie …
    and even harder to believe, is how he’s still there, with the BUVs support ?

    I used to go there way back, when Malcolm Collins was the pastor , and never heard anything like this .

    Getting a government petition happening sounds like a good idea, hopefully this will clear the air, weed out the sin that so easily entsgles .

    • Betsy True Christians don’t go to the world to reprove, correct or remove a person who is scriptural in error etc…. Saying that should he/she be a paedophile/Pedophile then not only do you remove them but tell the police or whatever government department deals with the evil people.
      2 Corinthians 5:10 For we must all Appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad.

      • JTB, it’s true, we are not meant to take fellow christians to court over petty things. But the real question is, ‘ is Greg a true christian or just a wolf in sheep’s clothing?’ If Greg is not a real christian but rather someone working for the enemy, should we not treat him as a pagan? Also, you concede that some lawlessness, such as Child abuse should be reported to the secular system, I agree, what about other forms of abuse? They are also against the law. Remember, Greg was happy to take legal actions against Paul – the blog owner; turns out Greg had no legal standing and the case against him and his minions is much stronger, else he would have done it. Should others not repay him his kindness? From what I hear, the story of this church is being put together by media already. Greg likes attention, it appears, he’ll now get more than he can handle.

  4. Ironically this bully pastor was pretending to promote a ‘safe church’ training. Greg, does the ‘safe church’ program teach attendees how to deal with a bully pastor?
    A church should first be safe from its pastor and its leadership; when members are not safe from an abusive pastor, the church is not safe, PERIOD!
    Moonee Ponds Baptist Church has not been a safe church for a long time, and it’ll never be safe unless this compromised leadership shapes up or steps aside.
    The deacon under whose leadership a child abuse took place, is shamelessly still in leadership. How thick skinned must a person be to remain in a church after such an incident? He distanced himself from the matter and blamed the youth pastor and made it out as though he had nothing to do with it.
    This same deacon pulls all the strings behind the scenes. He’ll get his way done, one way or another. While Greg has his problems, the long term illness in Moonee Ponds Baptist is caused by someone else.

  5. Hi Paul,
    No one in the church knows about the last two blog posts. Please send them out as emails. If you would like a recent email list, I’m happy to provide you that.

    • Anyone have any recent updates on this church , how is it going ? Has it recovered ? Have the sermons improved? And Yes! I am well aware about the one character in this church that is behind all the games and manipulation, he will have to answer before God and give an account for his behaviour, however what about the members , are they ok with a this?

  6. Yes the bible says to expose false teaches, correct false doctrine and so on . .

    I just don’t think this blog will solve anything, look at the blog written in regards to Hilllsong , people still attend that church, sometimes you just have to dust the dirt from your shoes.

    Obviously those attending Hollsong , are getting something out of it, I know when we were looking for a good church , what mattered most to us , was a friendly and warm congregation , if that’s there , people will flock to it , if it’s not , the church won’t last. First sign of a dead church or about to die is when the love of many grows cold . A church can be small and faithful, but it cannot be big and unfriendly , if the pastor is unapproachable and it’s members not friendly, watch the down hill spiral .

    How that does that passage go ? The world will know you are my disciples if you love another..

    Anyway just my thoughts as I read the artices on here .

    God bless you all.

  7. Paul, BUV discussed the blog few times in their internal meetings. They will do anything to take it down as there are fears other churches may copy the idea and blog about their pastors. BUV is also afraid that someone may create a blog about them. The blog stats seems to have risen, check and ensure it’s not coming from the same IP address.

  8. Paul, please publish.

    Baptist Pastor Encourages Lying to Children!
    “It’s ok to lie to children”, “There is no original sin”, and “We are born sinless,” says a Baptist pastor.
    Greg’s sermon on the 28th of May 2017 was on the topic of heaven from his series on “frequently asked questions”. As usual, there were many embarrassing unbiblical bungles in Greg’s “sermon”, but let’s review the ones that must not be neglected as they were weighty mistakes and if left unaddressed could mislead the church.
    Greg’s began by citing the common questions about heaven.
    “Where is heaven?”
    Greg says “Heaven is up, but where is up?” and then Greg laughs, he shows pictures of a milky way galaxy, directs his laser pointer at the different part of the galaxy and repeats, “where is up? Here, here or here?” He then irreverently says “Jesus looked up and prayed, but there is no up” Greg closed the question by stating “no one really knows where is heaven” This phrase “no one really knows” became the underlying theme of his sermon. In pretending to be ‘scientifically informed’ and smarter than his audience, Greg ended up ridiculing Christ, the Creator of the Universe.
    Greg’s next question on Heaven was, “Will my pets be in heaven?”
    Greg informs the church that his wife is convinced that her pets will go to heaven. Greg then raises a question, “won’t pets need a saviour to go to heaven?” and provides his wife’s answer to his hypothetical question. According to the pastor’s wife, who has been listening to her husband teach and preach the bible for over 20 years, “pets don’t need a saviour because unlike her husband, her pets are perfect and sinless, and therefore don’t need a saviour.” As silly as this comment may be, it is not entirely wrong, Greg’s pets at least don’t watch or show porn in the church. Back on point, in that sermon, Greg quoted his wife so often, it was hard to tell who was preaching, Greg or Greg’s wife. Greg says in passing that only humans have souls, but “no one really knows.”
    Greg misuses Isaiah 11:6 to suggest that our pet may go to heaven.
    Isaiah 11:6 The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them.
    But that verse is talking about a new heaven and new earth, which means all creation (including all the animals) will be newly created!
    Greg tells the church, we need to change our answer to this question depending on who is asking the question.
    According to Greg, if a theological student asks, then the answer should be, “Absolutely not, animals don’t go to heaven” but if a 6-year-old is asking, then the answer is “of course, fluffy is going to heaven.”
    This would be somewhat funny if it were stand-up comedy, but in a church setting, lying to children is no laughing matter. If Greg was suggesting that we do not hurt children’s feelings, then there are many answers that would be less deceitful, while ensuring the child’s hope is not destroyed.
    One could say that we God made pets for us to enjoy here on earth, God has prepared far better things in heaven, and based on the Isaiah verse, animals in heaven will better, they will not grow old, or fall sick and die.
    Greg closed the questions by saying again that “No one knows, and the Bible is silent on the matter.” But the bible is not silent on the issue; it’s just silent to Greg because Greg does not sufficiently read or study the Bible.
    Will babies and children who die go to heaven?
    It’s hard to tell if this whole topic was a big joke for Greg. His demeanour seems to indicate that he does not believe that there is such as place as heaven. He states that there is no original sin and that children are born sinless, so Children may go to heaven when they die young but that no one really knows.

    But again, the Bible is not silent on this topic; Greg is simply ignorant about the verses that speak to this subject. When his son with Bathsheba died, Kind David declares in 2 Samuel 12:23, “But now that he is dead, why should I go on fasting? Can I bring him back again? I will go to him, but he will not return to me.”
    Unless Greg believes that King David, a man after God’s own heart is going to hell, the verse clearly indicates that King David, inspired by the Holy Spirit knew he would see his son again in Heaven.

    Greg avoided taking a clear position on any of the questions by saying that “We don’t really know because the Bible is silent on it.”
    Should we accept this ill prepared, half hearted sermon from a pastor who takes home about hundred thousand a year? Possibly more with all the benefits and kickbacks. In other jobs, people have to work extremely hard to make that kind of money – but a pastor has all week to prepare for one 25 minutes “sermon”, and that’s what we got.

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